AMTC’s Dispatching Center is available to receive scheduled notices via email, excel, phone, and ftp feeds. AMTC staffs the Dispatching Center around the clock and throughout the year. The Dispatching Center is a fully functioning office equipped with drug and alcohol testing information resources. AMTC’s company goal is to have results released and reports available with-in 24 hours of the completion of the collection. AMTC’s 24/7 Dispatching Center is the beginning of the collection process.

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Post-Accident Support

Every mode of transportation has particular post-accident criteria. When a supervisor calls and uses the word “post-accident” the dispatcher will review the client’s mode of transportation post-accident requirements. The dispatcher will ask and document the triggering qualifications for the post-accident test.


FRA Post-Accident Support

Upon receiving a call from a railroad supervisor and the word “post-accident is used the dispatcher begins asking question regarding the FRA Post Accident Testing Criteria. The dispatcher will help by providing information from the most current FRA Post Accident Chart; however, the Dispatchers will not assist in determining if the event qualifies. Determining an FRA Post Accident test, the dispatcher can assist in locating a medical facility.

In addition, AMTC offers a 24/7 FRA Post Accident Specialist for railroad clients. The FRA Post Accident Specialist will assist the DER in determining if the event qualifies as a FRA Post Accident. Once the crew is at the medical center, the FRA Post Accident Specialist will guide the medical staff to secure the integrity of the collection and completion of the paperwork.

AMTC offers on-site collections services, saving our clients the time and expense of having an employee away from the work site. Our on-site services include drug screen collections, instant urine and breath alcohol screens and confirmations. Our technicians are available for on-site testing 24/7, including holidays. Technicians are always available to handle regular random testing, reasonable cause/reasonable suspicion situations, and post-accident testing needs.This means that we go to our clients’ facilities to test employees. This saves our clients’ the time and expense of losing work-hours when an employee has to leave the site. Our on-site services include: drug screen collections, urine collection, saliva testing, breath alcohol screens, oral fluid exams, hair testing, and more.

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