VTS is proprietary to AMTC allowing us a good deal of latitude in customizing the information available to the client, such as:

  • Roster of eligible employees
  • List of selected employees
  • Scheduled tests
  • Unscheduled tests
  • Limited lab information
  • MRO results
  • Breath alcohol tests results
  • Employee testing history

VTS can generate reports: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. In addition, VTS can customize reports into reasons for test: i.e. random, follow-up, DOT, and Non-DOT reports. Additionally, “No Test” reports are available including name & id number or selected symbol, the date of the no test, and the reason for a cancelled test. These reports are an excellent source of information for audits or MIS reports.

Verification reports are prepared in several standard forms or can be customized to meet your specifications.

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