Voucher Tracking System (VTS) has evolved into the application that today is at the very heart of our daily operation. In addition, AMTC is currently in beta stages of developing a Web Voucher Tracking System (VTS). VTS allows AMTC to monitor a vast array of information and the WEB Version will allow AMTC clients the ability to log in via a web browser and gain instant access to client specific information.



From scheduling to billing to reporting, VTS handles all information requests. AMTC stands above other competitors because of our unique proprietary VTS software. VTS automatically assigns a unique Voucher Number to each test entered, allowing for fast reporting of information and billing requirements. VTS was developed to ensure a fast, yet accurate, dispatching process. The voucher information will include the test date, testing location, supervisor information, and donor information. Updates occur as the tests are scheduled and completed in VTS. While taking information the dispatcher can view the Client Protocol Link, ensuring the client’s protocol requirements and securing the dispatched information. From VTS, the Dispatcher will then e-mail a Collectors Daily Report and the Client Protocol to the technician.

To run the applications needed, AMTC has seven (7) Compaq ProLiant servers running Microsoft 2000 Server. The system also has:

  • Double firewall and is running McAfee’s network security suite
  • Quantum DLT III tape system for system data backups
  • External Virtual Private Network (VPN) for administrator remote access
  • Broadband internet
  • Separate PC for 24/7 continuous system monitoring with automatic notification capability for network problem identification.
  • AMTC also has a proactive IT maintenance agreement to maintain the system’s availability.

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