Assigned to your account is a Program Administrator (PA) for the purpose of a client service, The PA is responsible for administrating client’s drug and alcohol testing programs. Daily client contact, knowledge of rules and regulations pertaining to the account, random program administration, tracking and reporting results are all functions the PA handles.

The PA position is significant in making sure the client’s program runs smoothly. Reporting results in a timely manner so the client can hire/terminate as needed is an essential PA function. In addition, keeping the client’s random program updated with the most recent pool is part of the PA’s focus. Generating the selection with the current pool maintains the random program in compliance with DOT regulations, which is what the PA will contribute to the client.

The Program Administrator is more than just customer service; it is the basis for the client’s program and the transfer of information between the client and AMTC. Backup PA’s to the assigned PA are allocated to provide 7-day coverage.


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