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Paternity Testing

Sibling Testing is designed for individuals seeking to verify genetic bonds for personal reasons, probate reasons, or any other reason.  Our clients include families interested in confirming paternity or identifying biological grandparents and siblings. Regardless of the nature of your request, you can depend on convenient and professional service. Confidential results are available by your preferred method of receipt within five business days. The DNA test procedure includes a noninvasive and painless mouth swab technique, which is finished in seconds.

Sibling Testing

Whether DNA testing is required for legal reasons or personal reasons, AMTC has literally dozens of tests available to answer the most personal and intimate questions. Of course, we understand the importance of client confidentiality. That is why all testing is performed with the utmost discretion.

Private Paternity testing is designed for clients seeking answers for personal reasons. As with all AMTC DNA tests, the accuracy rate is above 99%. Legal Paternity Testing is for court ordered testing or results that are acceptable in a court of law.

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