Founded in 1993, Acosta Medical Testing Corporation (AMTC) has specialized in DOT and non-DOT Employer Risk Management Program services. In addition, AMTC is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise*, Women Business Enterprise*, and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise*.

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About Acosta Medical

Since the inception, AMTC has provided dependable and quality services to the highly regulated mode of transportation Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). In 1993, AMTC services consisted of providing 24/7 on-site collectors in the Chicago Metro area. Today AMTC is a 24/7, nation-wide and full-service third party administration (TPA) provider committed to excellent customer service. The current client list consists of the mode of transportation and distribution industries including, but not limited to trucking, transit, rail, aviation, coast guard, and pipeline operators.

Administrative, dispatching, and on-site collection services are available 24/7 through AMTC. AMTC’s company goal is to have results released and reports available with-in 24 hours of the completed collection. To this end, the collectors and office staff are accurate and proficient. In addition, AMTC qualified trainers provide training services for Supervisor Signs & Symptoms, DOT awareness, and several other training sessions that are essential to the drug and alcohol industry.

Client Services

AMTC is committed to building a strong relationship with our clients that includes being adaptable to their needs and making their program operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Since 1993, AMTC has remained successful in keeping the system and structure of our organization adaptable to meet the changes and challenges that are always happening in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Through our proprietary software system, Voucher Tracking System (VTS), we can provide all the necessary DOT required reports. In addition, we can create and customize any special report to meet our client’s needs. AMTC has collaborated with the most reputable laboratories, medical review officers, and substance abuse professionals in the industry. AMTC performs standards that are a cut above the average industries standards.

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